About BEC

The BEC is committed to serve, support and provide quality PD opportunities to meet the needs of our colleagues in this most honorable profession. With continued collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Division 16 of the BPSU (The principal’s division), The Bermuda Union of Teachers, many other stakeholders in the public and private sector, and you, as our fellow BEC members, we are looking forward to a more accountable teaching body on the island of Bermuda.
History of the BEC


The Bermuda Educators Council Act 2002 issued by the Bermuda Government.


The previous BEC was elected in March 2011. In November 2011, they tabled a motion to collectively resign and in January 2012, former chairman, Tina Outerbridge, confirmed the resignations.


From April-September 2012, a volunteer interim committee met to start the process of electing a new council and to continue vetting license applications through the summer to avoid any September 2012 teaching delays.


The BEC Elections were held in October 2012, where the new council met to set up a new infrastructure from the bottom up. Between the months of November 2012-June 2013 the following was conducted: 


  • New office location

  • Office construction (paint, windows & furniture)

  • New filing systems

  • Phone, computer & security systems

  • Banking

  • Hiring and managing an office administrator

  • Updating documentation (e.g. license applications)

  • Discussions of PD hours & fees

  • Establishment of PD committee


In addition, during this time until present, the BEC have continued to vet license applications through the school year and throughout the summer, finalized licensing fees and PD hours through the consultative process, issued new BEC licenses, streamlined a new PD policy, and hosted PD workshops (Singapore Math and the Danielson Framework training).

Application for Bermuda Licensure
Requisite professional development hours are as follows:

Principals/Ministry Personnel:  $180.00 licensing fee and 50 PD hours


Full-time Teachers: $140.00 licensing fee and 50 PD hours


Para-Educatorsm Substitutes, Part-time and Retirees: $100.00 licensing fee and 40 PD hours.


Payment may be made by one of the following methods:


Online by direct transfer


Bank: HSBC

Account Name: The Bermuda Educators’ Council

Account #: 010 101491 001


For clear identification, it is imperative that when you make the transfer, you include:

  • Date of payment

  • Payment Amount

  • Name of Teacher in memo field



Direct payment via cash (preferably exact fee) or by cheque (payable to The Bermuda Educators’ Council) at the office location:


The Gate House

81 Court Street

Hamilton HM 12


Council Members  2015-2016

Crenstant Williams, Chairman 

Public School Rep, Harrington Sound Primary


Gladston Thompson, Co-Chairman

Public School Rep, St. Davids Primary 


Deborah Raat, Secretary 

Public School Rep, East End Primary School


Tanisha Edwards

Private School Rep, Somersfield Academy


Julie Gunther 

Private School Rep, Bermuda High School for Girls


Fiona Murdoch

Private School Rep, Saltus Grammar School


Yvonne Bean

Public School Rep, TN Tatem Middle School

Lois Tucker

Private School Principal, Bermuda Institute


Safiya Dyer

Specialist Educator, Victor Scott School


Janell Smith

Learning Support Teacher, Cedarbridge Academy


Government Appointees

  • Mr. Jon Brunson

  • Mrs. Sheila Holder

  • Ms. Darnell Wynn

  • Mr. Delroy Musson





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